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HTV60C1 - £18.99

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HTV105C1 - £24.99

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HTV160C1 - £31.99

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HTV210C1 - £33.49

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Light fittings can be an expensive part of your home decor and we know how expensive they can be. But what happens when they become faulty causing the light fitting to become inoperative?

What do you do?
There are usually two choices:-

1. Dispose of your much loved light fitting.
2. Try to source a replacement lighting transformer.

The second choice is easier said than done and usually it's a struggle to find an original manufacturers replacement transformer. The problem is that there were none available...until now!

But why are there none available?

The reason for this is that lighting retailers would happily leave you with no other choice other than to purchase a replacement light fitting at considerable cost

But have the solution!

We stock Huibolong lighting transformers that you can use to replace the defective transformer in your light fitting. This allows you to save your current light fitting, keeping it working for many years to come, but most importantly saves you money buying a new light fitting.

We are the UK supplier of Huibolong lighting transformer products!!

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